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We are looking for railway songs, poems and stories

The Australian Railway Historical Society, the Bush Music Club, the Rail Tram and Bus Union and the Australian Bush Poets Association want to publish a book of Australian Railway songs, poems and stories, to coincide with the expected opening of the Alice Springs - Darwin Railway Line in late 2003.

A book of Australian Railway Song Poems and Stories will have a wide appeal to Australian and overseas readers. The 50 significant songs poems and stories will be both historical and contemporary and supported with photographs.

Performers, Collectors and Researchers

If you are a performer, collector, or a researcher of Australian Railway songs, poems and stories and want your material considered for the book, please provide us with a brief description including titles and source if known. While your list may not be used in the final 50 items, a reference section of authors and titles of all known Australian Railway songs poems and stories would be useful and is well overdue.

Songwriters, Writers, and Poets

Many contemporary Australian songwriters, writers, and poets have chosen Australian Railways or incidents connected with them as a theme. In the main these are one off items or a small number of items that would be enhanced in a major collection on the theme or in a reference document.

We want to discuss how your material could be included and the copyright that is involved. We are particularly interested in hearing from Northern Territory people, such as Aboriginal Railway workers and their families, who may have written material on their experiences with Australian Railways. The project committee has established cultural and industrial contacts in the Northern Territory that may be useful to your work.

Please forward your expressions of interest, lists of potential material, or enquiries to:

"The Australian Railway Story", Rail Tram and Bus Union, 83-89 Renwick St, Redfern NSW 2016, or rtbu@magna.com.au or phone Brian Dunnett 02 9668 9051

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